Pit Boss Fan Not Working: Expert Advice and Solutions

Pit Boss Fan Not Working: Expert Advice and Solutions

Are you experiencing trouble with your Pit Boss fan not working properly? Whatever the problem may be, it’s important to find the root cause and fix it before it leads to further frustration.

The induction fan on your Pit Boss grill must always be turned on to ensure even flow of fire and smoke throughout the cooking chamber, resulting in symmetrically cooked food. It is crucial for the grill to function properly.

Here’s a key takeaway: If your Pit Boss grill fan is not working, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take. First, check the yellow wires connecting to the control panel and ensure they are not obstructing the fan blades. Next, manually spin the fan to check if it’s jammed after a prolonged period of non-use. Additionally, make sure to clean the fan thoroughly to remove any debris. If these steps do not resolve the issue, it might be necessary to replace the fan.

Discovering that your Pit Boss fan is not working can be frustrating, and it is essential to identify the root cause of the issue. Faulty wire connections, a fan blade getting caught in the wires, or a bent bracket around the fan are often responsible for the problem. However, there is no need to worry, as we have created a Pit Boss troubleshooting guide that addresses the most common issues that users face with the fan.

Our guide provides practical tips on how to fix the problem and replace the fan if necessary. Ignoring the issue can cause further damage, but by following our troubleshooting guide, you can successfully resolve the problem and enjoy the cool breeze of your Pit Boss fan once again. Let’s get started!

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How to Access the Fan on Your Pit Boss Grill

It is important to always put safety first when troubleshooting any electronic device, including your Pit Boss.

Before attempting any repairs or alterations, make sure to disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet to ensure it is completely off.

Once you have taken this precaution, you can begin to locate the fan by examining the compartment with all the wiring.

You will notice that the wires are held together with a zip tie, which can be cut using scissors or wire cutters.

However, it is essential to exercise caution and avoid cutting any other wires or components. The yellow wires connecting the fan to the control board are what you need to focus on next.

By removing the screws and disconnecting the Molex connectors, you will gain full access to the fan.

Remember to always treat your Pit Boss electric grill with care and follow manufacturer instructions to ensure its longevity and reliability.

Why Is My Pit Boss Fan Not Working + How To Fix

Certain culprits can hinder the smooth rotation of your Pit Boss fan. If you’re an outdoor cooking enthusiast, chances are you’re familiar with the renowned Pit Boss grills.

These grills are highly regarded for their exceptional quality and performance. Nevertheless, even the top-notch grills can encounter occasional issues. One prevalent problem faced by Pit Boss owners is the malfunctioning of their fans.

Pit Boss Fan Not Working

1. Faulty Fan Wire Connections

When troubleshooting a Pit Boss grill with a combustion fan that fails to work, it’s important to consider the wiring connections between the fan and the control board.

Defective or damaged wire connections can prevent the fan from receiving any electric power, resulting in the induction fan not turning.

Any kinks or damage along the wiring path can lead to insufficient voltage, leading to further issues such as overheating.

Pit Boss Fan Not Working


Start by inspecting the wire connections from the fan to the control board. These yellow wires can be accessed by unscrewing the hopper panel from the bottom of the hopper. If you have a vertical grill, you’ll also need to pull out the wire guard underneath the unit.

Once you’ve accessed the yellow wires, disconnect them by pulling out the Molex connector. Then, reattach them and see if this gets your fan running.

2. You Mayn’t Turn The Fan Motor Before

You may encounter issues with the induction fan if it is left unused for extended periods or exposed to freezing temperatures. The fan could become frosted or jammed, leading to it not turning once you fire up the grill.

If you happen to purchase a brand new pellet grill, the fan motor may require a bit of a “kickstart” to begin turning. It’s essential to keep an eye on your grill’s fan to ensure it functions correctly and maintains its longevity.

Pit Boss Fan Not Working


In maintaining your Pit Boss grill, it may become necessary to manually spin the fan. To do this, the hopper panels must first be removed in order to access the fan.

By unscrewing the Phillips head screws holding the panel together with the hopper, you can easily rotate the fan blade with your hands. This will allow the fan to spin on its own, improving the grill’s performance.

To further enhance the motor’s movement, it’s advisable to apply machine oil in the center of the spins.

Taking these steps to maintain your grill can extend its lifespan and keep it functioning at its best.

3. Fan Blade Is Caught on the Wire

One of the common problems that arise when dealing with vertical smokers can be the faulty functioning of the fan.

If you have accessed the fan blade and are unable to move it physically, it is probable that the fan is getting stuck with the wires.

Alternatively, a bent bracket around the fan could be preventing the induction fan from rotating, leading to malfunctioning of the smoker.

It is crucial to inspect the metal fan housing and bracket to ensure their proper alignment and avoid such issues.


Starting with the basics can often help solve the problem. Begin by carefully moving any wires that may be obstructing the combustion fan.

It’s important to take extra care to ensure that the bracket around the fan does not get bent in the process.

If you have a vertical smoker, be sure to check the metal fan housing for any signs of bending or damage.

If you do notice any issues with the fan bracket or housing, it’s best to contact Pit Boss Customer Care to schedule a repair.

How to Get Your Pit Boss Induction Fan Working Again

Once you have acquired the knowledge of accessing the fan and its wires, it’s time to embark on troubleshooting. However, always remember to unplug the grill before proceeding with the following steps.

-Inspect the Wiring to See if It’s Damaged, Jammed, or Disconnected

To address any potential issues causing your fan to malfunction, it’s important to start by checking for wiring-related problems. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot and resolve the most common wiring issues:

1) Start by inspecting the fan blade and make sure no wires are caught in it. If you spot any, carefully remove them to restore proper functionality. However, if the fan brackets are bent, it might be necessary to replace the entire part.

2) Take a closer look at the wires themselves and check for any signs of damage. Wires can become compromised due to various factors such as weather conditions, rodents, or general wear and tear. If you notice any exposed wiring, it’s recommended to seek assistance from an electrician to ensure it is fixed safely. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing a replacement fan.

3) Pay attention to the wire colors. If you come across red wires, it’s important to note that they are not meant for the induction fan. Instead, they are meant for the auger motor, which is responsible for moving the pellets.

4) Finally, ensure proper connection of the Molex connectors. Make sure they are completely inserted for a secure fit. If necessary, disconnect and reconnect them to ensure they are properly aligned.

By following these steps, you can effectively diagnose and resolve any wiring-related issues with your fan.

-Manually Spin the Fan to Ensure There’s No Debris Causing Friction

The fan of your Pit Boss might get jammed if it hasn’t been used for a long period, especially after taking it out of winter storage. If this happens, you can manually kickstart the blades by spinning them with your hands and checking for any stuck grime that might be causing the issue.

To provide additional assistance to the fan’s motor and reduce the risk of future failures, you can lubricate it with oil, making it spin more smoothly. This preventive maintenance step will help ensure optimal performance and longevity of the fan.

-Clean the Fan to Remove Grime and Debris

Outdoor grills are prone to accumulating grime and debris, given their designated use. Therefore, regular and thorough cleaning is crucial, including the induction fan. To clean the fan on your Pit Boss grill, follow these steps:

Disconnect the grill from the electrical outlet.

Use a vacuum to effectively eliminate dirt and debris from the fan and wire bundle.

Carefully wipe down the fan blades using a damp cloth or paper towel.

By adhering to this cleaning routine, you can ensure the longevity and optimal functionality of your Pit Boss grill.

-Purchase a New Fan and Follow These Installation Steps

If none of the above options resolve the issue with your fan, replacing it entirely might be necessary. Pit Boss offers a convenient solution – you can purchase a new fan from them and easily replace it yourself by following these steps:

1) Start by ensuring that your Pit Boss pellet smoker or grill is unplugged. Then, remove the pellet hopper to expose the wiring and the fan.

2) To access the bundled wires, cut the zip ties and unscrew the fan from the mount.

3) Next, unplug the Molex connectors (which are on the yellow wires) that connect the fan to the control board.

4) Remove the old fan and carefully install the new one.

5)Afterward, reconnect the yellow wires and securely place the screws back in position.

6) Plug in your Pit Boss grill and give the fan a test. Check if it operates correctly.

7) In the rare case that the fan still doesn’t work after installing the new one, it’s advisable to reach out to Pit Boss customer support. They can assist you further, as there might be a more significant issue at hand.

We hope these steps help you resolve the problem with your fan and get your Pit Boss grill up and running efficiently again.

How To Replace Pit Boss Induction Fan?

To resolve a defective fan motor in your Pit Boss Grill, follow these steps:

-Safety first: Ensure the unit is unplugged from the power source.

-Remove the bottom plate on the hopper: Use a Phillips head screwdriver to take out the eight screws holding the plate. This will expose the wiring and fan.

-Disconnect the fan wiring: These wires are yellow. Detach them from the control board by pulling out the Molex connector.

-Remove the old fan: Use the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the four screws securing the fan in place.

-Install the new fan: Replace the old fan with a new one. Tighten the screws to secure the fan properly.

-Reconnect the wiring: Connect the yellow wires back to the Molex connector.

Secure the access panel: Put the access panel back in its place and use the screws to secure it tightly.

How Long Does Pit Boss Fan Stay on?

One common question many grill enthusiasts have when using their Pit Boss is regarding the length of time the fan stays on.

Generally, the fan will stay on for approximately 10 minutes, but in extreme heat or with a particularly large fire, it may remain on for longer durations.

It is natural for the fan to keep moving for a few minutes even after the grill has been shut down, due to the powered force of the air around it. However, there is no need for concern.

After finishing up with your grilling and shutting down the Pit Boss, simply allow the fan to shut down on its own.

Pit Boss Pro Series Fan

For a robust and dependable fan to accompany your Pit Boss smoker, the Pro Series Fan is an outstanding choice.

Designed exclusively for Pit Boss smokers, this fan is built for durability and performance.

Crafted from heavy-duty materials, it features a high-powered motor capable of moving a substantial amount of air.

Installation is effortless, thanks to the included mounting bracket that ensures a hassle-free setup.

Pit Boss Fan Pulsing

Having a reliable fan is crucial when it comes to pellet smokers. It ensures proper circulation of air, resulting in evenly cooked food. However, one common issue that can arise is pulsing, where the fan speed fluctuates, causing temperature variations. This becomes particularly problematic when you’re smoking delicate cuts like brisket that require low and slow cooking.

Pulsing can occur due to multiple factors. The most obvious one is the aging of the fan motor, which leads to worn-out parts and inconsistent speed. Another potential cause is voltage sag, which happens when there’s an insufficient power supply to maintain the fan’s optimal speed.

If you live in an area with unreliable electricity or experience frequent power surges, addressing the voltage issue becomes crucial. Consider investing in a higher-quality power supply or utilizing a voltage regulator for a stable electrical flow. In the case of aging motors, you can easily resolve the problem by purchasing replacement kits offered by most manufacturers.

Remember, regardless of whether your fan pulsing is due to aging or voltage-related problems, there’s usually a solution available to ensure smooth operation and perfectly cooked food every time.

How Do You Replace the Fan on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to replace the fan completely. If the damage is extensive, it is more cost-effective to opt for a replacement rather than spending on repairs. Fortunately, installing a new fan on a Pit Boss pellet grill is a straightforward process that requires following a few simple steps.

-Clipping zip ties

When removing the control panel, you’ll notice a multitude of wires protruding.

These wires are typically bundled together with zip ties, making it challenging to unplug them individually from the main power source.

To address this, use a wire cutter or scissors to carefully cut the zip ties and free the wires.

Exercise caution as cutting the wrong wire can result in immediate failure. Remember, each wire is vital and must be handled with care.

-Removing the screws

To remove the zip ties, start by taking out the screws that secure the fan in place. There are a total of four screws on each side.

Using a screwdriver, carefully remove the screws one by one. It’s important to note that you don’t need to apply excessive pressure.

A normal amount of hand pressure will suffice. This process ensures a thorough and efficient removal of the screws.

-Removing the fan

After removing the screws, the fan can be easily detached. Prior to that, make sure to disconnect the Molex connectors. This will allow you to effortlessly remove the fan from its position.

-Connecting a new fan

To replace the old fan, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the old fan.
  2. Connect the new fan.
  3. Reinstall the new fan in reverse order.
  4. Start the grill and witness the fan spin with the force of a hurricane.

Why Does Pit Boss Fan Stays On or Won’t Shut Off?

You only need to remember one principle: the fan operates as long as the Pit Boss grill is running. Once the grill is turned on, the fan immediately begins working.

The fan remains on for as long as the grill is on, leaving you with nothing to worry about. However, should you observe that the fan stays on or refuses to shut off, it’s advisable to inspect the grill and ensure proper shutdown.

Always remember to shut down the grill and allow it to rest for a while. Eventually, the fan will naturally stop spinning and turn off.

Additionally, if you happen to notice any loud squealing noises coming from the fan, it’s best to get in touch with Pit Boss customer support, as grill fans should not make any such sounds.

FAQs About Pit Boss Fan Not Working

How do I know if my fan is malfunctioning?

The most obvious sign of a dysfunctional fan is the lack of airflow. If you notice that your food isn’t cooking evenly or at a low temperature, there’s a good chance that the fan has stopped working. Additionally, you may also hear strange noises coming from the fan motor that indicate a possible malfunction.

Why is my fan not turning on?

There can be multiple reasons why your fan isn’t spinning. The most common cause is usually related to the power supply, as inadequate voltage or current can prevent the fan from starting up. Additionally, age-related wear and tear of the motor can also lead to failure in certain cases.

How can I rectify the ErH code?

If you are getting an ErH code on your Pit Boss smoker, it is likely that the fan motor needs to be replaced. To replace the fan motor, first turn off and unplug the smoker, then unscrew and remove the access panel. Unplug the Molex connector from its socket and disconnect any wires leading to the fan. Install a new fan motor in the same configuration as the old one, and plug in all of the wires. Finally, screw the access panel back into place and restart your smoker.

My grill isn’t reaching the correct temperature. What steps should I take?

If your grill isn’t reaching the desired temperature, there are a few steps you can take to determine what’s causing the issue. Firstly, check to ensure that your fan is working properly.

Check for any signs of damage or malfunctioning and replace if necessary. Furthermore, make sure that the grill pellets hopper is filled with fresh pellets and the thermometer is working correctly.

Lastly, check the grill’s power supply and make sure it isn’t experiencing any voltage drops or surges. If all of these steps fail to yield satisfactory results, contact Pit Boss customer support for assistance.

What is the implication of the flashing dots?

The flashing dots indicate that the temperature in the Pit Boss unit is too low for fan operation. This usually occurs when the temperature drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this point, you should adjust the temperature settings and then restart the grill after waiting a few minutes to ensure proper fire ignition.

Why isn’t my Pit Boss heating up properly?

If your Pit Boss isn’t heating up properly, there may be a few different things going on. It’s possible the fan is either running too slowly or not at all, thus preventing proper airflow and heat production within the grill. Additionally, clogged burners can also cause this issue, as they block the flow of propane to the flame. To resolve these issues, check the fan’s speed and clean the burners.

Is there a fuse in Pit Boss?

Yes, Pit Boss pellet grills come equipped with a fuse. If the fan stops working and won’t turn on, it’s likely that the fuse has blown out. To replace it, you’ll need to remove the access panel and locate the fuse box.

What function does the P setting serve on Pit Boss?

The P setting refers to the Pro Series Fan, which is designed for Pit Boss smokers. This fan helps with proper circulation of air around the grill, resulting in even cooking and more flavorful food.

Why does the temperature on my Pit Boss keep flashing?

It is likely that the fan on your Pit Boss pellet grill has failed. Try replacing the fan motor or cleaning it to fix the issue.

Why isn’t my Pit Boss pellet smoker producing smoke?

This could be due to the fan not working properly. Check if the fan is turning on and spinning correctly and make sure it isn’t blocked by any debris or other materials. Additionally, check for clogged exhaust vents that might be preventing air from getting into the grill.

What is the procedure to repair the fan on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

The procedure to repair the fan on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill is relatively straightforward and can be completed by following these simple steps: Firstly, unplug the Molex connectors from the main power source. Secondly, unscrew each of the four screws holding the fan in place. Thirdly, check all wiring for any signs of wear or damage and replace them if required. Fourthly, reattach the fan and secure it with the appropriate screws. Finally, plug in the Molex connectors to their respective ports.

Should the fan on a pellet grill always be in operation?

Yes, the fan should always be running while the pellet grill is in operation. If it is not, it can result in uneven cooking and a lack of flavor.

Why isn’t any smoke being emitted from my Pit Boss?

If you aren’t seeing any smoke coming from your Pit Boss, it is likely because the fan isn’t working. Check to ensure that the fan is plugged in and has power. If not, you may need to replace the fan or check for a faulty power supply.

Does a Pit Boss Pellet Grill come equipped with a fuse?

Yes, all Pit Boss pellet grills come with a fuse that helps protect the appliance against electrical current fluctuations. If you notice any problems with your fan not working, check to make sure your fuse is in good condition.

Is it necessary for a Pit Boss fan to be constantly running?

No, it is not necessary for a Pit Boss fan to be constantly running. The fan runs only when the grill is on and will shut off automatically once the grill has been turned off.

What is the purpose of a fan on a pellet grill?

The fan in a pellet grill is there to regulate the temperature within the cooking chamber. It helps spread heat evenly by circulating hot air around the food, ensuring even and consistent cooking performance.

Additionally, fans can also be used to control smoke levels and minimize any build-up of ash or particles. This can help keep your food from becoming overly smoky.

Finally, fans can also be used to control the speed of pellet burning for a more efficient cooking experience.

What should I do if my grill fails to start?

If your grill fails to start, the first step is to try resetting it. Remove the power cord from the outlet and wait 10-15 minutes for the internal parts to cool down. Then, plug in the cord again and press the “Start” button.

If this does not work, then check if there are any blockages in the air vents or if the fan isn’t functioning properly. If these issues are present, then contact Pit Boss customer service for help in troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

Finally, check to see if your control board is still under warranty so that you can get free replacement parts from the manufacturer as needed.

Final Thoughts: Pit Boss Fan Not Working

The induction fan is a crucial component of any Pit Boss grill, as it helps maintain the cooking temperature and ensures the hot air and smoke circulate properly.

If the Pit Boss fan is not working, the grill won’t function correctly. The first step in troubleshooting this issue is to check the wiring.

Examine the yellow wires that connect the fan to the control board, as these are often the culprits when the fan won’t rotate. If the wiring and Molex connectors are in good order, then consider replacing the fan. You can buy a direct replacement from the Pit Boss website.

However, if the bracket around the fan gets bent, it’s best to call Pit Boss Customer Care for assistance. Remember, if you have any further questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us – we’re always here to help.


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